August 28, 2017

Regular English Presentation To Help Student’s Confidents

To help Students Conquer Stage Fright, Sampoerna Acedemy Holds Regular English Presentation Session

When they have a good knowledge, it is important to have a communication skill to share it. Communication is key for children to build their self-confidence, while Regular English presentation skill enables them to inform, educate, motivate, and persuade others.

ELAR Presentation

Sampoerna Academy that put forward STEAM education, realizes that people have natural fears and anxiety when addressing a group of people even though they have the capability to impress others in person. Wanting our students to overcome this common issue early in their life, we assembled English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Presentation for students in Grade 7.

Since the topic was about their top invention, students were naturally enthusiastic to take the stage. We believe that this ELAR Presentation will be a good exercise for students to incorporate their creative mind with analytical thinking as they try to convince the audience.


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