November 6, 2020

8 Tips on How to Ace Your Online Exam

Illustration Online Exam

Online Exam – The COVID-19 pandemic situation has posed several challenges in the education sector, one among them being – how to conduct exams during this crisis?

Exams are vital for evaluating the progress of students during their academic year. Conducting regular examinations, keeps the students motivated throughout the entire semester, and also helps educators to assess how well the students have perceived the learning imparted in the class. This year, many schools will conduct Online Assessments. Maybe, some of you are already familiar with the online exam system, however, there are also those who will do it for the first time.

Though there is no doubt that online mode of examination could well be the new normal, it can be a baffling experience for many, especially students who are new to this. Online exams though quite similar to in-class exams need some extra preparations and awareness.

Online Exam Simple Tips

Want to ace your online exam? These simple tips listed below can help you can sail through it easily.

  1. Check The Specified Exam Schedule

Make sure you study the subjects that match what will be tested tomorrow. Also, you should check when the exam starts and the duration of the exam. So, you can determine how much time it takes to do each problem and will not run out of time.

  1. Test Preparation

Students often tend to take online tests lightly. Many “open-book” online tests allow students to refer to study materials, but if you are not familiar with your study notes, you will waste valuable time hunting for your answers. Online tests are time-framed and many of the questions are based on aptitude tests and presence of mind that may not allow you to refer to your study notes. Revise your test curriculum thoroughly to avoid silly mistakes.

  1. Check Your Computer Internet Speed

Check and recheck that your computer or laptop is working properly before your scheduled online test. Avoid last-minute technical glitches. Verify that your equipment has the minimum hardware and software requirements for the test. Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is working properly or you may have to change the location to get adequate internet connectivity.

For those who don’t use a wi-fi network, don’t forget to check the data quota beforehand, make sure you have enough data quota during the exam. Do not panic if you have a technical problem during the exam. Instead, talk to your teacher and seek his/her advice.

  1. Wake Up On Time

During online school at home, you will definitely get used to waking up late. Don’t let this one bad habit of your make you late for the exam. Let’s start by not sleeping too late, so you can wake up earlier. Even though the exam is conducted online, that doesn’t mean you can wake up whenever you want, or close to when the exam starts.

When you wake up early, you can get ready before the exam starts. You can have breakfast first, take a shower, repeat the material that you studied last night, or even take time to exercise your study. Imagine if you wake up late on the day of the exam. You have to hurry for everything, no time for breakfast, and getting ready, this will result in you having trouble in focusing on the exam.

  1. Choose the Location Wisely

Choose a quiet place for your online exam. Close the door and windows to avoid distractions. Turn off your mobile phones, television, email, or other notifications or keep them in silent mode.

Let your family members and your siblings know that you are giving an online test and ask them not to interrupt you during the exam.

Online exams during the time of social distancing not only eliminate the problems of conducting exams in examination centers but also save huge costs both for educational institutes and for students. This is a reason why most of the educational institutes across the world are now slowly adapting to these virtual exams amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. Prepare the Equipment Needed

Apart from a cell phone or laptop, you will also need to prepare other equipment. For example, chargers, paper, and pens. In case there are questions that need scribbling on paper, you already have it with you.

  1. Understand your Online Exam Guidelines

The working system of online exams is different from offline exams. That is why it is important for you to read the instructions before working on the exam questions. This does not only apply to those who are taking the online exam for the first time but also applies to everyone.

  1. Do the Problems Thoroughly

The last tip is to do the problems carefully. This is very important for you to do, not only during offline exams, online exams also need accuracy in answering questions. Usually, when it comes to online exams, especially when it comes to multiple choices, you like to rush in clicking the answer options. In fact, sometimes, you are lazy to check again and collect it right away. Try to read the problem carefully. Choose the answer that you think is right and not in a hurry. Do not click arbitrary, pay attention to which answer you are clicking, the intention is to choose B, but instead click C. Finally, before you collect your exam answer file, double-check that all the questions have been answered correctly.

Take time to prepare your notes in the best way for you. Don’t think you can get away with not revising, because you’ll probably just end up making things stressful for yourself during the exam, which no one needs. Find comfort in knowing that you have power over the exam, perhaps more so than you ever have. Stay in your pajamas or dress up for the occasion. Have a cup of tea or hot water bottle by your side if you need it. Don’t feel like you need to copy the conditions of a normal exam to a tee. This is your exam, be as comfortable as possible so you can do your best. Other people might try to cheat or work together, but the important thing is to focus on your own work and have trust in your revision. You can do an exam alone in a hall, so you can do it alone at home.