Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

About Sampoerna Academy ?


  • What is Sampoerna Academy

    Sampoerna Academy is a STEAM-focused school opening classes from pre-kindergarten to secondary levels. The school has six campuses located in Jakarta, BSD, Medan, Sentul and Surabaya.

  • How Long has Sampoerna Academy been in Operation

    Launched in December 2014 at Jakarta and BSD campuses, Sampoerna Academy has been operating for more than two years now. Medan campus has been operating under a different name for 11 years until January 2016. It is pronounced as Sampoerna Academy after this date.

  • Is Sampoerna Academy Affiliated with PT HM Sampoerna Tbk

    No, Sampoerna Academy is not affiliated with PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.


  • What is The Curriculum that Sampoerna Academy Delivers?

    As a school that is established in Indonesia, Sampoerna Academy is a certified Cambridge school and follows Cambridge curriculum. Furthermore, SA enriches the content with STEAM and other internationally recognized curriculums. On the other hand, SA’s curriculum also aligns with National Curriculum (2013).

  • What are The International Programs Offered?

    To ensure your child develop the four C skills: critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication, Sampoerna Academy adopts:

    o Montessori like approach for Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten levels
    o Cambridge curriculum for Elementary to Secondary levels
    o First Language English teaching
    o Project Based Learning (PBL) and STEAM approach from America
    o IB DP school

    Sampoerna Academy – Jakarta Campus is an authorized school for the Diploma Programme. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy- a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education- that we believe is important for our students.
    * Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme (DP), or the Career-related Programme (CP).

  • How are The Subjects Taught? What Makes Sampoerna Academy Unique in Comparison to Other School?

    It is not only what we teach it is also how we teach makes the difference. We believe that better-rounded student with experience in various activities and better social skills is the way to go. With the advent of the information age available at our finger-tips, our job as a school is to teach our students “to learn how to learn”. Concepts are taught as deeper knowledge rather than rote memorization.

    Your child will learn using the 21st century skills through:
    o Inquiry-based learning
    o Problem-based learning
    o Project-based learning,
    o STEAM appraoch
    o Personalized learning

    To facilitate hands-on activities, our teachers will embrace the new technology, such as:
    o iPad
    o Chromebook
    o MacBook Pro
    o MakeyMakey
    o Sphero
    o LittleBits
    o LEGO Mindstorms
    o Arduino

  • Is Sampoerna Academy an International School?

    Yes. Sampoerna Academy is an international school, that combines national curriculum and international programs. We are SPK school in legal terms which uses International Curriculum aligned with National Standards.

  • How can SA Help the Children to be Succesful?

    As explained throughout this document student achievement is priority for SA. Our teachers work on deeper learning with students in the classrooms. Some of our teaching methods or approaches explained in this document. Moreover, we use various assessments to measure students’ understanding. If any child is falling behind teachers may implement some interventions, including but not limited to classroom group works, tutorial during the day or after classes, peer tutoring, … it is also important for parents to be involved in their children’s education. Teachers have open communication with students in person or online portals they are using. Therefore, these extra support requests may come from students and/or parents as well.

    On the other hand, our administrators are in constant communication with teachers. Homeroom teachers (mentors) are also following students learning in all their subject areas.

    It is for sure parents will think what about exams – IGCSE, UN, or other high-stake exams. Even though, we will not teach for testing, we do want our students to be successful in those exams. Students need only simple revisions and practice before the exams since they have already mastered the content through the lessons. SA implements mock exams, condensed study during their last month for the exams, past papers solutions, etc.

  • What Kind of College Counselling and Academic Support will be Available for The Children?

    SA employs counsellors to help students in their college choices and support them for their psychological well beings. Our counsellors working with the class mentors provide guidelines for students in choosing their career pathways. Parents play important role in these decisions as well.

    In addition to our school counsellor, Sampoerna School System have Student Parent Advisory Center (SPAC). The advisors in this center help parents and students to understand their options at University and choose their pathways accordingly. Parents are welcome to visit or schedule meeting with our SPAC anytime.

  • What Time does School Begin and End?


    Pre-Kindergarten: 08:30 am–12:00 pm

    Kindergarten 1 & 2: 8:15-11:30 am

    Elementary School: 7:15 am-1:40 pm

    Middle School: 7:20 am-3:25 pm

    American College Program: 7:15 am-5:00 pm

  • What is STEAM-Focused Learning?

    STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!

  • What is the Cut-Off Age for Enrollment at Sampoerna Academy?


    Pre-Kindergarten: 3 years old by 1 October

    Kindergarten 1: 4 years old by 1 October

    Kindergarten 2: 5 years old by 1 October

    Elementary School 1: 6 years old by 1 October

    Admission into other grades will depend on Entrance Test results and previous report cards.

  • What Subjects will be Available for Middle and High School Students?

    Students in Grade 7-8 have their regular Middle school subjects designed to prepare them for the rigor of IGCSE courses. These include but not limited to English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Bindo, Art, Music, PE, Mandarin.

    Grade 9 and 10 are offered IGCSE subjects. They will have about five subjects per year and required to sit at least six exams in two years. The High School pathways will be shared with parents in 3rd quarter of AY 17-18. Possible subjects are explained below.

    Grade 9: English Language, Extended Maths, Biology, Bahasa Indonesia, and Global Perspectives are the courses offered. Due to heavy portfolio assignment of Global Perspectives, our teachers are looking for an option to extend the subject into two years. They may finish their content during Grade 9 but will finalize their portfolio during Grade 10. This will be determined by looking the progress of students in February 2018.

    Grade 10: English literature and Additional Maths is strongly encouraged (almost required) for all students if they want to continue one of the IB DP, A-Levels, or AC programs. Additional three more choices will be offered to students. The following courses are some of the possible offerings. For our existing cohorts in Jakarta we are planning to open each subject with at least 4 students. Possible subjects, in addition to Literature and Additional Maths, are Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Business Studies, Mandarin, ICT, Accounting, Geography, and History.

    As mentioned above, current grade 9 students will be given these choices during 3rd quarter of the AY.

  • What is The Difference between ACP, IB, and A levels?

    The IB Diploma is for students aged 16-18 and requires no specific preparatory classwork, so can be undertaken directly from IGCSEs. It offers a broad curriculum made up of six subject groups – students usually study three at a higher level and three at a standard level.

    The main aim of the DP Core is to broaden students’ education experiences and challenge their application of knowledge and skills. The Theory of Knowledge asks students to reflect on the nature of knowledge; Community, Action, Service (CAS) requires students to take part in a range of activities and projects such as music, sports or fundraising; while the Extended Essay is an independent piece of research, culminating in a university-level 4,000-word paper.

    IB DP graduates have won places at a wide range of universities and colleges around the world. Every university in the UK now accepts the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and students regularly enter the top-tier institutions including Imperial, UCL, LSE, as well as many within the Russell Group. In the US and Canada, the IBDP and Course Certificates (Higher Level) are increasingly recognized, with many universities conferring credit or advanced placement of up to one year for them.

    A-levels (short for Advanced levels) are UK national curriculum school-leaving qualifications that are taken by many students in the UK. Students usually choose three or four subjects, and take two years to study for these A-levels between the ages of 16 and 18.

    The following links have great comparison for IB DP and A-Levels, especially the first one is based on a research:

    Sampoerna Academy Jakarta is planning to offer only IB DP program for its students – no A Levels- just because of the same reasons spelled out in the above articles.

    American College program is a bit different from previous two.

    Starting from Grade 11, students who meets upon admission requirements may enter our American College Program where they can experience an education equivalent to the first two years of an American university. The program may lead to an American Bachelor’s Degree, up to two years earlier than the conventional pathway. Students earn SACS accredited American College credits through our US partners during their high school years. These credits are transferable to American universities according to each Universities criteria. Some can be accepted by other universities in other countries as well.

    The main difference of AC from the other two is that students have to pass an exam at the end of the course for IB and A Levels while in AC they earn the college credit as soon as they complete the course satisfactorily.

  • What University Options Will be Available for Graduates of SA? Countries that Acknowledge Certificates Issued by SA

    Sampoerna Academy graduates are well equipped to go any university in any country – USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Europe.

    IB DP and A-Levels are advanced level courses designed to prepare students tertiary education. Most universities around the world accepts their credibility and even gives college credits to those courses according to exam results of the courses. Our teachers deliver these course contents and prepare students for the challenging exams. It is important to note that students exposed to these rigorous courses are more prepared to university than their peers are, even if they do not score high on the exams. The foundation for these two programs are the IGCSE courses offered in grade 9 and 10. Students completing their courses satisfactorily may be successful in IB DP or A-Level courses.

    American College (AC) program offers college credit bearing courses for the qualified students while they are in high school. As the name states, it is geared more towards US universities, even though its credits may be accepted by universities in other countries. By attending this program, students may finish their university two years earlier than their peers can. AC allows them to take up to 60 college credits. Students should meet the high school equivalency and College Readiness requirements to be eligible for this program.

    On the other hand, students attending any of the programs above are also eligible to finish receive their SMA diploma after attending the national UN exams. Sampoerna Academy is an SPK school according to Indonesian Ministry of Education regulations and can issue Indonesian diploma. Students from other countries are not required to complete National required exams.

  • Does SA have Partnerships with Universitites Local/Abroad, and what Advantage do These Partnerships Provide for Students/Graduates?

    Sampoerna School System has many MOUs signed with great universities, most of which are American Universities. Those universities offer different advantages. The most important and relevant one is to transfer credits with AC program. Some of those universities are offering scholarship or tuition discounts at various levels as well. Our SPAC team is able to help any interested parents.


  • How Much does It Cost to Enroll at Sampoerna Academy?

    Please contact Student Recruitment at:

    (021) 50 2222 34 during office hours

    0813 3000 3002 for 24-hour help

  • Is There Any Monthly Fee?

    There is no extra monthly fee besides the annual fee, which can be paid quarterly or monthly.

  • Is There a Development/Facility Fee

    Sampoerna Academy doesn’t charge any facility/development fees.

  • Are There Any Discounts for Siblings of Enrolled Students?

    Yes, the younger sibling will receive a 5% fee waiver.

  • If There is A Fee Increase, by How Much will The Fees Increase?

    Fee increases are set by management per year.

  • Will Existing Students Receive a Special Rate If They Continue at Sampoerna Academy?

    All fees set for that academic year will be applied to all students, irrespective of their status with Sampoerna Academy.

Facilities at L'Avenue

  • What are The In-class Facilities?

    In order to facilitate effective learning and prepare students to meet the 21st century competence, Sampoerna Academy equips each classroom with the latest technology, such as iPad, Chromebook, MacBook Pro, MakeyMakey, LittleBits, Sphero, LEGO Mindstorms, Arduino, MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard that stimulate the activity of groups and individuals as well as STEAM supporting media.

  • Will There be Any Outdoor Play Facilities for Children? If Yes, Where will This be Located?

    Yes, there is an outdoor playground on ground floor.

  • Are There Any Sports Facilities?

    Yes, there are sports facilities such as basketball court, jogging track, tennis court and swimming pool.

  • Is There a Canteen or Cafetaria? Will Students be Able to Purchase Food?

    Yes, there are outdoor dining area as well as indoor cafeteria.

  • Is There a Shuttle Service Available?

    No, there is not.

  • Is There Free Parking Available?

    Parking policies are the sole policy of the building management. For more information regarding parking fee options, please contact the L’Avenue Building Management here.

  • Do Students Have a Dedicated Lift?

    No, they do not.

  • What will The Security be Like at L’Avenue?

    Security is available on all levels of the Sampoerna Academy area and will be on watch 24 hours per day. Security is on active duty though out the day, and increased during pick-up/drop-off, break, lunch, and sports hours.

  • Are There Any CCTVs Available on Each Floor? In Each Classroom? In Toilet Areas? (Especially at Kindergarten and Elementary Levels)

    Sampoerna Academy provides a complete security such as security guards and CCTV cameras.

  • Is There Any Easier Access to and from L’Avenue by Opening the Road Barrier In Front Of The On Jln. Pasar Minggu Raya?

    No, there is not.

  • Apakah ada CCTV yang tersedia di setiap lantai? Di setiap kelas? Di area toilet? (terutama di Kindergarten dan Elementary)

    Sampoerna Academy menyediakan keamanan yang lengkap seperti satpam dan kamera CCTV.

Facilities at the Icon

  • What are The In-class Facilities?

    Online forum

    Full Wi-Fi

    ICT facilities

    Individual devices, e.g. iPad, Chromebook, or MacBook Pro

    Access to partner institution eLibrary (for American College Program)

  • Is There an Outdoor Playground

    No, there is not.

  • Is There a Shuttle Service Available

    Unfortunately, such service is not available.

  • Why is There Only One Teacher in a Kindergarten Class?

    Kindergarten classes only require one teacher. At the age of 4, students are expected to be self-sufficient. There is no need for an assistant teacher.

  • Apakah ada layanan antar jemput?

    Belum tersedia

  • Mengapa hanya ada satu guru di kelas Kindergarten?

    Kelas Kindergarten hanya membutuhkan satu guru. Pada usia 4 tahun, siswa diharapkan bisa mandiri. Tidak perlu asisten guru.