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What Exactly is Aquaponics? A Promising Tool for Eco-Friendly Farming.

What Exactly is Aquaponics? A Promising Tool for Eco-Friendly Farming.

Aquaponics is similar to a magical garden in which fish and plants collaborate to help each other develop. Consider a large fish tank with some friendly fish swimming about joyfully. These fish create “waste,” which may sound disgusting, but it benefits plants. The water from the fish tank, which contains their waste, is directed to […]

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best education is Sampoerna Academy

March 30, 2022

High Quality Education System: A Review of Sampoerna Academy

Every parent wishes to provide the best education system and educational facilities for their children. They hope that their children can grow and develop into better people. That’s why some parents choose to send their children to an international elementary school instead of a regular elementary school. Today, parents have a lot of alternatives to […]

sampoerna academy

January 20, 2022

SA Surabaya Received a Grade A from the National Library

Surabaya, December 2, 2021 – The library of Sampoerna Academy Surabaya international school has been awarded a Grade A for its excellent facilities. The grade was awarded based on an assessment to several essential areas: the collection owned, infrastructure and facilities, services, personnel, operations and management, and other supporting components. The accreditation was conducted by […]

sampoerna academy

January 19, 2022

SA Is Ready to Open Its Second School in Surabaya in 2022

Surabaya, December 2, 2021 – Reaffirming its commitment in creating a future generation with 21st century competencies, the pioneer of STEAM education, Sampoerna Academy, is launching its second school in Surabaya. Located in one of the most strategic areas in Surabaya, Sampoerna Academy Grand Pakuwon will be home to 30 ultra-modern classrooms and various international […]

UN Day International Year of Peach & Trust (1)

January 18, 2022

SA Held Healing Earth Through Arts (HEARTs) Workshop

Jakarta, October 30, 2021 – The intercultural school and pioneer of STEAM in Indonesia, Sampoerna Academy, reaffirmed its commitment to always provide the best education in Indonesia in order to shape a future generation that is able to compete globally and has high empathy for social and sustainability causes. As part of the United Nations […]

Buku Elidi The Ancestor's Garden

September 13, 2021

Sampoerna Academy Students & Teachers Launch Self-written E-book

To celebrate International Literacy Day that falls on the 8th of September, Sampoerna Academy launched an e-book that speaks of the importance of responsibility & family. This book – a collaborative effort between students & teachers – was launched as an effort to help improve the literacy level and reading interest of Indonesia’s younger generation. […]

Becoming Online Parents

August 7, 2021

Becoming Online Parents

Menjadi Orangtua Daring Oleh Frida Dwiyanti 29 Juli 2021, 12:00 WIB   Peran orangtua sangat penting dalam pembelajaran jarak jauh selama pandemi ini. Untuk ini, orangtua perlu mengenali kepribadian dan gaya belajar anak-anak mereka serta menciptakan suasana belajar yang menyenangkan di rumah. Mengawali tahun ajaran baru yang masih dalam suasana pandemi, yakni dengan belajar dari […]

Local Educator Receives International Award

November 2, 2020

Local Educator Receives International Award

Sampoerna Academy is proud to share the recent good news about one of our outstanding teachers who has been acknowledged by the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs for her innovative teaching method. Kristin Abt, a Biology and English teacher at Sampoerna Academy Medan, has won an Educator Innovation Award for effectively and creatively teaching students […]

Sampoerna Academy Wins Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards through 7 of Its Students

July 20, 2020

7 SA Students Win Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

This prestigious award is specifically awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) to students achieving grades above the average. Jakarta, February 26, 2020 – Sampoerna Academy won a global achievement in which as many as seven students took home the “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards”. Three students won the “Top in World” award, while 2 other […]

Virtual Schooling

July 20, 2020

Teacher Synergy, Parents & Students in Virtual Schooling

Reaching 90% of Virtual Schooling Participation Ratio through STEAM method that has to be applied during Virtual Schooling Collaborating with Gisella Anastasia to improve parents’ awareness of the importance of collaboration between parents, teachers, and students Jakarta, 20 May 2020 – This year’s National Education Day and the flag hoisting ceremony were different from previous […]