August 28, 2017

Four Sampoerna Academy Students Compete In World’s Largest Science Fair In The U.S.

Four Sampoerna Academy

Sampoerna Academy Each year, hundreds of the brightest STEAM-focused students in the world gather in The International Sustainable World (Engineering Energy Environment) Project (ISWEEEP) Olympiad to compete in a fun, collaborative environment.

Among the 137 qualified projects from 53 countries exhibited this year, there are four of our brightest students from Grade 11 who got to showcase their brilliant inventions to the world.

They are Muhammad Rafi Fadhil and Zharfa Nurrachma who thought of Vehicle Exhaust Filter Utilizing Agricultural By-products, Ryan Timothy Abisha whose Smart Trash Bin is capable of categorizing trash, and Arfan Khairul Wibisono who made the portable Floating Hydro to generate electricity in areas where building watermill is impractical. As they get an award from world’s largest science fair in the US, it shows that Sampoerna Academy ways of teaching are able to blossom its students.

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