November 29, 2017

Marvelyn Andersen get Top in the World at CIE 2017

Marvelyn Andersen get Top in the World for Chinese Mandarin - CIE 2017

Marvelyn Andersen from Sampoerna Academy Medan campus is honored with an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2017 with Top of World in Cambridge IGCSE for Chinese Mandarin.

Chinese Mandarin is the new English

The popularity of Mandarin as an international language has developed within the last decade following the booming economic growth of China. As the second largest economy of the world and with one of the highest rates of growth, China is a major world player that will only continue to be more significant and full of opportunities.

There is a great demand for people who can bridge the gap between this new growing China and the wider world. Sampoerna Academy realizes that communication proficiency will be increasingly crucial, which is why the ability to learn the language is a necessary skill that needs to be taught in class. We believe giving the young minds opportunity far ahead to learn the language of the future will help them seal tomorrow’s global competition.

In an increasingly globalized world, intercultural competence is essential and we find it important to awaken children’s interests in other cultures at a time when they are open and receptive. We introduce foreign languages in our classes with the belief “the younger the better”, the idea that young learners are able to grasp new concept at extraordinary paces and will therefore become more proficient more quickly.

This is proven by the impressive achievements of Sampoerna Academy Medan students who recently demonstrated exceptional performance in Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).


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