February 5, 2018

Sampoerna Academy Inaugurates New School in Sun Plaza Medan

Sampoerna Academy Inaugurates New School in Sun Plaza Medan with "Power of Play" Learning Method

Early childhood education is an important stage of child development. According to the Ministry of Cultural Education, children aged 0-5 years are at the golden age stage where they begin to learn and recognize surrounding environment. Creativity, curriculum and right teaching staff are needed to guide children according to their interest and needs.

Responding these needs, today Sampoerna Academy inaugurated its new school located at Sun Plaza Medan. Attending the inauguration, Drs. H. T. Dzulmi Eldin, S. Msi, Mayor of Medan, Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Director of Sampoerna Academy, celebrity Gisela Anastasia and her daughter Gempita Marten, also Emilia Achmadi, MS, RD, nutritionist who shared information about the factors supporting early childhood growth.

Sampoerna Academy established since 2015 and currently has 3 locations in Jabodetabek and 2 locations in Medan has a mission to build a safe, caring, collaborative school environment with high quality and meet the global expectation of learning achievement and character development.
Dr. Mustafa Guvercin, Director of Sampoerna Academy, said, “We are welcoming the opening of our new school in Sun Plaza Medan, North Sumatera. Sampoerna Academy offers an international education that is grounded in Indonesian moral and cultural values. With concept “Power of Play” for early childhood education, Sampoerna Academy aims to create independent students by integrating games in each lesson. Through these concept, students will easily absorb the basic knowledge of letters and numbers, and make the learning process more fun. Meanwhile, our educational foundation is student-centered with a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) that enables students to become mature, confident, global citizen with a strong sense of purpose”.

In addition to facilities that prioritize the convenience of students and their parents, location also becomes one of the important factors for a school. Sampoerna Academy sees shopping centers as a convenient location for families to spend time together. This is one of Sampoerna Academy’s consideration to open the new school in Sun Plaza Medan which is one of favorite destinations for family in Medan, where parents able to do other activities comfortably while waiting for their children to finish the lesson.
Gisela shared her experience while assisting Gempita in attending pre-school in Sampoerna Academy. “I am glad having Gempi attend pre-school in Sampoerna Academy which has supporting environment and facilities to makes learning process enjoyable. I hope Gempi will develop into independent and sociable child, also has courage to learn”.


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