September 8, 2022

Take a Closer Look at School Facilities at Sampoerna Academy

school facilities

School facilities are one of the main aspects in educational institutions of Indonesia. It has an important role in the process of teaching and learning activities. These are facilities and infrastructure that can be used by everyone at school, such as teachers, students, principals, staff, and also parents of students.

As one of the best schools in Indonesia, Sampoerna Academy has complete school facilities at every level of their education, starting from pre-school, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. The aims are to make students enthusiastic to learn at school.

The Importance of School Facilities

school facilities

School facilities and infrastructure are important for the ongoing learning process. Here are some important reasons why every school needs to have adequate facilities for everybody at school.

Help students to focus on learning deeper 

Sometimes learning processes require tools to help the explanation. For example, it will be easier for the teacher to deliver material with tools than just explaining it verbally.

One of the roles of school facilities is to help teachers explain abstract concepts concretely. Therefore, it will be easier to absorb the studied material and increase attention while listening to the lesson.

Improve students learning experience

In addition to making students absorbed in learning, school facilities are aimed at enhancing students’ learning experiences.

For example, information and communication tools and technology. Teachers can demonstrate which objects are too big, dangerous, and which are difficult to carry in the science learning process. 

Time and space efficiency 

This facility can help teachers, students, and other parties at school to access or provide learning information at the same time without any time or space barriers. With this facility, students might learn faster because they understand the lessons well.

Support students in sharpening their potential 

Students’ potential should be processed continuously so that it can develop better. In this process, the facility plays an important role for the development of the potential.

For instance, facilities that could increase sports skills such as futsal courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and so on. There are facilities such as laboratories that can support students to develop their scientific abilities.

Comfortable learning environment 

School facilities might affect the learning environment, for students, teachers, school staff, and parents. The more comprehensive and good the facilities and infrastructure are, the more convenience and conducive the learning environment will be for the parties at school.

Comfortable environment will influence students’ motivation to learn. The adequate facilities could help students learn new things in a more interesting way. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the condition and wholeness of these facilities because maintaining school facilities is a shared responsibility.

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School Facilities at Sampoerna Academy

school facilitiesAs one of the best schools in Indonesia with an international curriculum, Sampoerna Academy provides adequate facilities for the continuity of the teaching and learning process for all parties involved. At every level of education, Sampoerna Academy has facilities with their respective functions and usage, including integrated technology classrooms specifically designed to support STEAM-based learning methods.

Sampoerna Academy provides a playground and sports area; some have access to larger playing fields and swimming pools.


  • Comfortable classroom
  • Multipurpose room
  • Playground
  • School hall
  • etc.

Elementary School

  • Comfortable classroom
  • Art room
  • Library
  • Playground
  • Science Lab
  • Dancing room
  • etc.

Junior High School

  • Comfortable classroom
  • Computer Lab
  • Dry Science Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Sports field
  • Locker room
  • Music room
  • etc.

High School

  • Comfortable classroom
  • J.C.’s classroom
  • School hall
  • Sports field
  • Wet Science Lab
  • Dry Science Lab
  • etc.

Facilities for Student Companion

In addition to the facilities intended for students, teachers and school staff, Sampoerna Academy also pays attention to providing convenient facilities for students’ companions while they are visiting the school, which are.

  • Large parking area
  • Guaranteed security
  • Lobby
  • Receptionist
  • Comfortable waiting room
  • Food avenue
  • Green open space
  • etc.

School facilities are one aspect that cannot be ignored and must be considered. The complete and well-maintained facilities could help students increase their motivation to learn and feel comfortable so that schools can have a pleasant atmosphere.

To find out more information about the facilities available at Sampoerna Academy, you can visit the official website or contact admissions here. You can also explore the facilities and scope area of the Sampoerna Academy school virtually here.

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