March 13, 2018

STEAM EXPO 2018: Build, Create, and Explore Through STEAM

STEAM EXPO 2018: Build, Create, and Explore Through STEAM

As a group of schools that are deeply rooted in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics; Sampoerna Academy recently celebrated the STEAM Expo, providing students a platform to experiment, innovate, and research.

Each year, students are challenged to innovate while applying knowledge from what they have learned in school. Either working in groups or individually, their projects are then publicly showcased to their parents and attendees during STEAM Expo. The exhibition itself is meant to encourage students to engage in experiential learning as well as building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Sampoerna Academy Open House

In conjunction with Sampoerna Academy Open House, this year, the event featured the works of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students of both Sampoerna Academy Jakarta and BSD campuses and took place at L’Avenue campus and BRI building next to the new BSD campus which will be opened in July 2018.


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