May 19, 2022

Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learning Styles

learning styles

Everyone who studies—from children to adults—has a learning style that helps them grasp lessons more easily. According to authors Bobbi DePorter and Mike Hernacki, someone’s learning styles is a combination of two things: how they absorb information, then organize and process the information. What’s more, to be able to successfully learn, they also need to choose learning media that suit their learning characteristics.

There are three core learning styles that we know of. For example, the learning style which involves interacting or experiencing something to be able to understand it better is called the kinesthetic learning style. Let’s take a closer look at the learning styles one by one.

Different Learning Styles

The Visual Learning Styles

People with the visual learning style absorb information in the form of visuals or images, including colors, maps, and diagrams. This learning style relies heavily on sight, so essentially, they need to see information with their own eyes to be able to process and understand it. This learning style isn’t only common for children; a lot of adults also learn best visually because visuals tend to be more attractive.

The Auditory Learning Styles

The auditory learning style is a learning style that relies heavily on listening. People with the auditory learning style absorb information in the form of sounds; they usually focus on sounds and words to remember. Essentially, they process information more quickly through what they hear; for example, they will prefer verbal explanations to written ones.

The Kinesthetic Learning Styles

This learning style requires someone to involve movement when learning something. People with this type of learning find it easier to learn by doing more than just reading a book; they need to put experience what they’re learning by touching, doing, or putting it into practice.

People with this type of learning are very easy to identify. They usually can’t’ stay in their study area, such as a classroom, for too long. They need to move their body and do something to understand or remember something.

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The Characteristics of Each Learning Styles

learning styles

People with the visual learning style focus on the sense of sight; learning by seeing something is their main trait. That’s why a lot of teachers use a variety of colors, lines, shapes, and other artistic features when teaching ​​to cater to visual learners. Here are some of their other characteristics.

  • They find it easier to remember by seeing than by hearing.
  • They like reading more than being read to.
  • They talk fast.
  • They prefer demonstrations to speeches.
  • They might find it more difficult to receive verbal instructions rather than written ones.

People with the auditory learning style rely on their hearing to receive information. However, most people with this learning style have no problem using their sights. Their main trait is a matter of preference. They prefer learning through sounds. Here are some of their other characteristics.

  • They remember what they hear more than what they read it.
  • They like to listen.
  • They get easily distracted by crowds.
  • They find it more difficult to do tasks that involve visuals.
  • They like to read aloud.

Finally, people with the kinesthetic learning style usually involve movement when learning something. They don’t only see or listen to understand something; they must practice it. It’s their main trait to touch the objects or do the activities they’re learning about. Here are some of their other characteristics.

  • They’re very happy when they learn through practical methods.
  • They find it difficult to write but are good at telling stories.
  • They like activities that involve body movement, such as sports.
  • When communicating, they use a lot of gestures.

Other Learning Styles

Besides the three core learning styles we’ve briefly talked about above, there are several other learning styles that are popular in the education field. These learning styles show the most comfortable method for someone to learn something. Here are some of them.

Linguistics (Verbal)

Some people are especially keen on using words. People with this learning style feel comfortable when both reading and speaking. They really like wordplays, such as poetry or rhymes.

Logical (Mathematical)

Many people like counting. They usually have a knack for noticing patterns or the relationships between a piece of information and other pieces. They understand something by connecting details, then arranging them in an organized manner.


There are also people who have outstanding social skills, such as communicating both verbally and in writing. They find communication or discussing with other people convenient for them.


People with the intrapersonal learning style are unique. They’re people who prefer studying in silence. They like reading a book alone, without friends or anyone else around them.

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